Oct 30

How Do You Make Soap

Soap can be made at home fairly easily with a few basic tools. You will need a large stainless steel pot, a wooden soap mold, a kitchen scale that measures in ounces, and a rubber spatula. The next time someone asks you how do you make soap, you can answer them.

You will need to first measure out your lye and water mixture on the scale. Combine the lye with water in a well vented area or outside. It will get very hot and give off toxic fumes. While the lye mixture is cooling you can measure your oils.

Use either vegetable or animal oils and measure each using the kitchen scale. Next warm them up slowly in the pot until they are all melted and combined. Next use a kitchen thermometer to measure the temperature. When they have cooled you will add the lye mixture into the oil mixture. Now you will stir everything together. This can take a long time.

When the soap mixture has reached trace it is ready to pour into the mold. Make sure the wooden soap mold is lined so the soap does not stick to the mold. Next wrap the mold with some towels to keep it warm during the saponification process. After 24 hours has passed you can unwrap the mold and cut your soap.

Now you can make handmade soap and answer the how do you make soap question.